In joining the Politics Fraternity, you put Christ at the center of your service towards the Common Good and you experience the fraternal life that you desire for the world.

To those who want, we offer a year long commitment to support and encourage this path in politics that has been taken. These are the committed members that together form the Politics Fraternity.

5 pillars

The Politics Fraternity commitment has 5 main points, they are the following.


Friendly sharing groups of 5 to 10 people are formed, if possible in your city, region or through video conference by language.
Local sharing groups get together once every month to get an overview on what’s going on in our daily lives, to pray for each other and to look back and listen to how the Holy Spirit is guiding us in our lives and in our commitments.

Through the diversity of our experiences, our convictions and our national or ecclesial cultures, we experience concretely the unity that only Christ can accomplish among us.


« If two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.  For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them. »

We believe in this Word of Christ !
And we know that if He calls us to serve, He alone can save and do miracles.

All the members committed in the Politics Fraternity meet up in a Whatsapp Chapel for 15 minutes of prayer every Sunday evening. One after another, week after week, everyone leads us to pray for those who live a political life in their own country, for the poor in our world or for the protagonists of the news.


It is necessary to understand this world that God calls us to, the members of the Politics Fraternity commit to form themselves. As young Christians, to form oneself also means to delve into the source of the Gospels and of the social teachings of our Churches. Without a doubt, that is probably the treasure that we have to bring to our brothers of humanity, it is good to receive it for ourselves !

This intellectual training wouldn’t make any sense without a solid spiritual training: “have roots for your branches”! Every one of our encounters opens us to these roots by sharing the spirituality of the Community of Chemin Neuf.

During the year, 3 themed weekends of formation are organised in different countries. These international gatherings are also an occasion to meet more people than just our local sharing groups!


The commitment of the Politics Fraternity isn’t a political commitment in itself!

Some find a way to support a commitment that they already have in the world. These people naturally bring a strong testimony to those who join us without having an actual commitment yet.

For those wanting to join us to be able to discern where to give themselves, we ask them to choose a concrete commitment for that year. In doing this, you will truly be able to discern already having made the first step.. which is getting started ! Serving can take any form: activism, social work, lobbying,…


The political life doesn’t always allow us to openly express our convictions of faith even though they would substantially support our actions. However, we are witnesses of men and women who shine with love and justice from their never ending search of God’s will.

We would like to live a more coherent life between our acts and the message of the Gospel. This personal conversion goes without a doubt through a daily relationship with Christ, the support of consistent spiritual guidance or the selfless giving of our time and our talents.